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Who we are

Our restaurant

On a cold winter day in 2003, December 6, a visionary entrepreneur walked through the doors of a historic waterfront restaurant known as "From Iolanda 1965". A nostalgic atmosphere pervaded this venue, an aura of past glories that resonated with the echoes of a dense and rich history.

From the outset, the entrepreneur knew that he was inheriting not just a business, but a wealth of traditions and stories. Thanks to the enlightening guidance of his mentor Walter, the idea of Versatile Atmosphere was born - a revolutionary concept that would have reinvented the very essence of the restaurant.

Navigating the complicated bureaucratic maze was no walk in the park. Approval of the plans and landscape permits required five years of patience and tenacity. But on August 12, 2008, the curtain finally rose on the renovated restaurant, with a spectacular party that welcomed 3,000 guests and came alive with the melody of three consecutive jazz concerts.

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Our philosophy

The restaurant's philosophy is based on the art of personalized service and the importance of dialogue with the customer. Everything is fine dish it is a masterpiece of flavours, designed and made to measure for the diner, taking into account allergies, intolerances and preferences. The target? make live a culinary experience that creeps into memories, bringing with it the taste of unforgettable moments.

One of the emblematic dishes, which tells the unique personality and charisma of the restaurant, is the carnaroli risotto from Sibari creamed with prickly pears and Cetraro Red Shrimp. This dish comes from a fortuitous encounter at the farmers' market, when the owner, pricking himself with the thorns of a prickly pear, decided to transform that unpleasant experience into something wonderful. And this is exactly how great ideas are born: from the ability to see beyond the ordinary, to discover a treasure hidden in the most unexpected details.

This restaurant is not only a place to enjoy excellent food, it is a stage where haute cuisine meets superb service and a unparalleled atmosphere. It is a refuge for gourmets, a place where the culinary art is expressed through authentic flavors and local products.

Don't miss the opportunity to taste the renowned risotto, available only in the months of August and September, when the prickly pears reach their maturity. Let yourself be seduced by a unique culinary experience, wrapped in Versatile atmosphere of the restaurant. Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors that will awaken your senses and make you fall in love with the true essence of elite cuisine.

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